Uruguay to legalize, harvest and sell Marijuana at one dollar per gram

Urugay to legalize and sell MarijuanaMONTEVIDEO, URUGAY – The government of Uruguay sets to one dollar the price of a gram of marijuana, which the state will harvest and sell when parliament passes a law promoted by the government of Jose Mujica. This law seeks to combat drug trafficking in the country.

Although still lacking the pronouncement of the senators around the law, the government considered imminent vote for the project that also enables limited self-cultivation.

The Secretary General of the National Drug Board, Julio Calzada, informed the newspaper El Pais that the marketing of the drug will begin in mid-2014, which “”gives time to harvest and sell“. He said that the product will be delivered to each user upon registration in a database which will not be made ​​public.

Each person can buy up to 40 grams per month, although that number could vary depending on the amount of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component found in Marijuana.

Calzada said the price of marijuana was fixed so that they “

He explained that one gram is enough for “”a thick cigarette; or two to three thinner cigarettes.

Calzada also said that “”the illegal market is very risky and the quality of the product is poor.” But, the state will “”provide a safe place to buy, a good quality product and will sell at the same price.

According to figures from the National Drug Board, 120,000 people use marijuana at least once a year in Uruguay, a country with more than three million inhabitants.

Of these, 75,000 smoke marijuana at least once a month and 20,000 every day. From these figures, the drug business generates a monthly income that exceeds $ 1.5 million.