Clifford Brandt, born into a rich industrial familiy in Haiti, arrested for kidnapping activity

Clifford Brandt arrested for kidnapping activityPORT-AU-PRINCE, HT – Clifford Brandt was apprehended in the afternoon of Monday October 22, 2012 at the Office of a Mazda Company run by his family in the District of Delmas 2. The businessman, according to police, is involved in the kidnapping of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso, children of another rich businessman. “Clifford Brandt is being held at the Central Office of the Judicial Police (DCPJ)”, said the Haitian Police spokesman Frantz Lerebours.

The accused, revealed the spokesman, did not deny his involvement in the kidnapping of the two children of Moscoso’s family. U$ 2.5 million were required as ransom by kidnappers in Exchange to the release of the two young people, according to figures cited by Reginald Delva, Secretary of State for Public Security. The hostages, he said, were released through the arrest of Mr. Brandt.

Four people who would be members of the network of kidnappers are also arrested by police officers who led this high-profile operation. A former policeman, Edner Come, who would be involved in the kidnapping of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso is actively sought, stated the spokesperson of the Police institution.

Parliamentarians who congratulate this important operation carried out by the National Police fear that any deal might prevent the judgment and conviction of the son of the wealthy Haitian family. Member of Parliament Jean Acklush Louis-Jeune wishes that the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic prevent other members of Clifford Brandt’s network from leaving the country. According to the parliamentarian, Mr Brandt would have network members in both to the Police institution and commercial banks.

The Chairman of the commission “Justice and Security of the Senate”, Francky Exius, for its part, asks the Head of the Haitian National Police to take the necessary measures to dismantle the networks of kidnappers.